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Snippets for Bilingual Families


This irregular electronic publication disseminates information about issues of interest and importance to bilingual families and professionals working with such families. This includes information about upcoming talks on raising children bilingually, new publications, additions to this website, and community information which happens to come my way.


Community groups, families and professionals are warmly invited to send their contributions for inclusion. Bilingual Options reserves the right to screen out contributions or subscribers that are deemed inappropriate for this forum.


This publication is free to all who are interested.


It is the responsibility of subscribers to ensure that Bilingual Options has their current email address. If messages bounce repeatedly, the address will be removed from the distribution list.


If you would like to contribute or are interested in receiving Snippets for Bilingual Families, you are invited to send a relevant note to info[AT]

(please adjust this email address, which has been modified to disallow machine reading)



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