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Dr Susanne Dopke came to Australia from Germany in 1983. She has a PhD in linguistics and a professional MA in Speech Pathology.

During her academic career (University of Melbourne, Monash University), Susanne specialised in language acquisition, bilingualism and cross-cultural communication. Her PhD thesis asked what parents could do to ensure that their child will become successful in speaking the home language. Later she investigated structural features of normal bilingual development.

Since 1990, Susanne has been providing consultancy to families who wish to raise their children bilingually.

Susanne has published two books and numerous articles on bilingual development and bilingual education in the family.

As a speech pathologist, most of Susanne's work has been with bilingual children and adults.

Susanne is involved in regular professional development for herself and others. She gives talks to professionals working with bilingual clients and is the convener of the Victorian Branch of the Multicultural Interest Group of speech pathologists.

Susanne is the mother of two bilingual children herself.



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